Now that due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are faced with many mobility restrictions, it is time to get to know those places within our own Autonomous Community that, although with a greater distance than desired, have enough charm to make a getaway from one day and get to know him from the Rural House Finca los Pájaros.

We start with Tembleque, a town from Toledo just over an hour’s drive from Navahermosa (91 km.), With one of the most beautiful squares in Castilla la Mancha. Very striking for its wooden gallery, and its arcades of columns and capitals that seem to have stopped it in time. He has witnessed multiple acts and events, such as bullfights, comedies, celebrations, trials … If his columns could speak, how much would they tell us!

But the rest of the town also has a certain charm that is worth a leisurely visit. Lost among the white houses of its old neighborhood, we will arrive at its parish church, the Casa de las Torres, and numerous details of the passage of the Knights of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

Tembleque Finca los Pájaros - Casa Rural en los Montes de Toledo