There is no doubt that autumn is a very charming time to get lost in nature. It is at this time when the landscapes offer the most beautiful colors, with various shades of ocher and yellow, and the temperature accompanies, as it is not the suffocating heat of summer, and the freezing temperatures of winter have not yet arrived. It is in these days when the Montes de Toledo become an ideal destination.

It all starts in mid-September, with the incredible bellowing of the deer. But it will last for several more months, with less crowds, and the ideal environment for long walks.

Otoño Finca los Pájaros - Casa Rural en los Montes de Toledo

The Finca los Pájaros Rural House will be an ideal place as a starting point to savor these days more, being able to walk through countless trails in the vicinity, move to see nearby towns and, who knows, perhaps be able to see some native animal up close.

Our recommendation before starting any outing is to check the weather information, lest a bad day ruin our plans. And of course be well equipped for the occasion. It never hurts to have warm clothes, since these days the temperatures usually fluctuate according to the different hours. And put enough drink in our backpack, something to eat, have our phone’s battery well charged, and a flashlight will not hurt in case our getaway lasts longer than planned. In short, not excessively loaded, but sufficiently supplied.

The ideal is to have our departure prepared in advance, and make a detailed planning of our route. And enjoy the day !!

And if it can’t be, why doesn’t time allow it? Well… it’s not a problem at Finca Los Pájaros Rural House. Surely you and yours will be delighted to have a hot drink in our large living room, with a large window overlooking the Montes de Toledo, taking advantage of priceless moments in the best company. Especially in these times that we miss being with our people more, but for sure. Can there be a better plan?

We wait for you!!