LA FINCA LOS PÁJAROS offers you a new concept of rural property to enjoy nature in the Montes de Toledo, with a sustainable construction that has integrated with the environment while respecting the environment.

The incomparable setting is offered by the Montes de Toledo, and the entrance of the National Park of Toledo, idyllic place to enjoy tranquility in total harmony with the environment that you will find in this farm, being able to make here and in the environment innumerable activities.

The large plot is completely accessible, as well as the lower floor of the house, where you can find a large living room with kitchen, and two bathrooms without architectural barriers.

For the construction of the House, different natural materials have been reused, and the energy needed for air conditioning and its operation is 100% renewable, highlighting the use of Biomass. In addition, two different drains have been installed, thus being able to recycle a large part of the water used.

Conscious of saving energy and respecting the environment, we have also taken into account other important aspects. The house has been built looking for the best orientation to take advantage of solar light and heat to the maximum, and heating and hot water are obtained by installing solar panels.

The farm is the ideal place to enjoy a view of the sky in all its splendor on summer nights, as there is no light pollution in the area. If you are a fan of the stars, or simply to the tranquility, you will love it.

And you can also enjoy our organic garden, which is at your complete disposal.