Located in the Ventas con Peña Aguilera, just 24 kilometers from Navahermosa and the Finca los Pájaros Rural House, the anthropologist and owner of the facility, Carmen Arnau Muro, collects her experience of more than 20 years knowing the regions of Siberia and Central Asia through the reproduction of the characteristic ethnic dwellings, built on a natural scale.

It is a town with several cabins and other buildings used by the inhabitants of Siberia, and according to the different areas; tundra, taiga, steppe … Inside each building the usual belongings are collected, as well as their own crafts, costumes …

Entrance to the museum is free, and on weekdays there is the possibility of visiting in groups by making an appointment by calling 658 790 410.

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Etnomuseo de los pueblos de Siberia y Asia Central