Next March 27, if circumstances permit, the Puy du Fou Spain Park is scheduled to reopen with different novelties, among which its four new shows stand out.

“El Último Cantar” is a show based on the exploits of the Cid Campeador during the Reconquest Spain in the 11th century.

“A Pluma y Espada” is a fencing show starring the characters representing Don Lope de Vega, and Don Fernán Gómez. Completed with beautiful choreographies of Andalusian horses and dancers from Toledo.

In “Falconry of Kings” you will be amazed with a show of birds and raptors in the open air.

Or if you prefer, you will be able to feel all the emotions of the crew members of the discovery of America in “Allende la Mar Océana”, in a representation of the Santa María, the caravel of Christopher Columbus, during his journey to the new world.

And without forgetting the already established show “El Sueño de Toledo”, which runs through the history of Spain during its third season.

Find more information about these shows here .

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