Once the Filomena storm had passed, and after the pandemic, the Toledo Provincial Council reports that as of March 6, the “El Borril” farm reopens its doors, adapting all security measures, and in groups of maximum six people.

This farm, located in the municipality of Polán, is prepared for schoolchildren, associations, and the general public who want to get closer to nature. Visiting hours will be Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., initially only to individuals and the general public. At the moment, visits to groups of schoolchildren are restricted, waiting for the health situation to improve.

In order to fully respect security measures, a one-way circular itinerary has been designed, and conveniently signposted, to prevent small groups of visitors from crossing. This route is approximately 1.2 km long, which does not involve too much difficulty, and in which with a little luck you will be able to spot some species of animals characteristic of the area, such as Iberian wolves, deer, mouflon, genets, foxes, rabbits … and other plant species, such as holm oaks, thyme, broom, lavender … etc. With information panels distributed throughout the route, which will help us better understand what we are seeing.

And the aquaterrarium is also very interesting, with different naturalized display cabinets with specimens of the species of reptiles and amphibians typical of the Toledo Mountains: salamander, gallipat, runner toad, leper terrapin, ladder snake, ocellated lizard …

And finally a farm of domestic animals in which visitors can get to know these animals better: horses, donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens …

The request to visit “El Borril” can be made online through the website of the Provincial Council of Toledo, or by phone: 925 59 07 96.

All this very close to the Rural House Finca los Pájaros.

Finca el Borril en Polán, Toledo