By all is known the megalithic Ensemble of Stonehenge, located in the south of England, which has long attracted various professionals from different fields to study it thoroughly, try to understand the reason why it was built, what was its true function, and many more mysteries that sheds this millenary construction. And not only is curiosity what attracts this enigmatic ensemble, but also the richness associated with the many people who annually visit this monument to meet him in situ.
For something similar could happen in Totanés, a small town in the province of Toledo, of only 400 inhabitants, who for some months is in embers by the discovery of a set of stones that according to the experts could have the same antiquity as the famous English monument; About five thousand years no less.
Conjunto Arqueológico Totanés

The whole is currently being studied by the group of Archaeology Cota 667 and science a la carte. Soon it is planned to begin to excavate this site in which there is an obvious circle of stones, and that according to the experts could hide another, in addition to other megalithic elements as could be two menhirs. An important discovery that would be the first of these characteristics in Castilla la Mancha, which has the funding of the town hall of Totanés, and the collaboration of the Junta de comunidades de Castilla la Mancha.

The team of Cota 667 studying the site is composed of archaeologists and doctoral students from the University of Castilla La Mancha, such as Ángela Crespo, Miguel Ángel Díaz, Inés de Castillo, Sergio Isabel, and Professor Juan Padilla.

Best of all is that this ensemble can be visited by all citizens, having given facilities the owner of the land so that it can be studied and visited.