General conditions of transfer of the Finca RUSTICA LOS pajares

Information and reservations

When making the reservation, the name and contact telephone of the person to whose name is registered, by email or WhatsApp will be provided. Once received our confirmation that the farm is available during the dates you have requested, if you wish to confirm the reservation will have to make effective payment in advance or sign, which will be 25% of the final price of the transfer. At the time of delivery of the keys, the amount of the reservation becomes bail.

 The sending of this advance payment will be made by bank transfer to the association's account number. No reservation shall be deemed to be firm until the receipt of the transfer and referral of the proof of such transfer via WhatsApp or e-mail. If you do not receive the fixed amount spent 24h, the reservation will be cancelled, without prior notice.

We need the full name, D.N. I or passport of all persons staying on the farm, as well as the full address, telephone number and email of the person responsible.


The price of the transfer of the farm refers to days, starting at the 16h and ending at 12h Noon (the non-cessation in the occupation of the farm at that time will imply the extension of the same for one more day). On weekend visits, the departure time can be extended to 16 h, as long as it does not coincide with the entry of another booking.

The prices of the transfer of the farm include:

  • The use and enjoyment of the whole estate, including the house, the orchard, all the spaces
  • Bedding and bathing (in stays over 6 nights will be delivered new sets of sheets and towels each week).
  • Electricity and water.
  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Fully equipped kitchen: washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, cooker, cooker hood and kitchenware.
  • For stays of one week or more, the cleanliness and order of the House will correspond to the occupants.

Delivery of keys, payments and bail

The total payment of the transfer must be made before the delivery of keys (or at that moment in cash, once visited and giving the approval to the farm) or (at least five days before, of the date of arrival, if they wish to make it by bank transfer) if n Deduct the deposit/bail to answer for possible deterioration of the furniture and/or utensils, installations, and equipment of the house. The amount of this deposit/bail will be returned if there is no damage in the three days after the departure of the farm, by bank transfer or (cash before departure if it has been possible to check if there are damages). In the event of damage, the cost will be deducted from that amount, if the cost of repair or replacement of those items, was superior to the deposit, the bail will not be returned and the damages will be left pending payment until the evaluation of the same. s, subsequently being liquidated.

 It is set as the arrival time of 9 pm, in case of not arriving at the established time and without prior notice, on the part of the occupants, of a possible delay.

Under no circumstances will more people be allowed than those established according to the maximum number mentioned in the description of the accommodation, including children over 2 years of age and declared on the registration cards. The owners or in their case the association, reserve the right of admission or cancellation of the reservation if the present condition is not respected and the knowledge of the authorities exempted from any incident that might occur in the farm, derived from One over occupation..

The Finca Los Birds on its website provides information on useful phones, web friends and pages of interest, as well as show the farm and commits to deliver the farm in perfect conditions of cleanliness and use, and to give solution, as far as possible E, to the problems that arise.

They must agree with the owner the time of departure, taking into account that the default is 12h.


The reservation will be returned when the cancellation notice is received more than 30 days before the day of arrival: Reimbursement of 100% of the payment, if the cancellation notice is given between 15 and 30 days, refund 50%, and less than 15 days in advance no refund will be made.

 Pick up Keys

You will agree with the owner, with at least 2h in advance, the time of departure to give you the keys at the agreed time.

The occupants will be responsible for the accommodation and its content during the stay, waiting for it to be kept neat and tidy.

The owner agrees to assume the expenses of any repair or damage caused by force majeure (breakdown of pipes, electrical breakdown… etc.).

You will appreciate any suggestions you can offer in order to make future stays more enjoyable.

The owner is not responsible for the loss/forgetting of objects, however, if it is the case, will not have inconvenience to send it to the address provided.

 Rules of Stay

The occupants will not be able to carry out in the farm activities annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illicit, the farm will be treated and its contents with respect and of not to subtract anything of the same one, will be responsible for the damages caused by themselves.

The visitors, undertake to act with the utmost civic, respecting the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness, and order in the estate.

In the face of evidence of vandalism, drunkenness, hassles, sprees or breach of the usual norms of urbanity, hygiene and, coexistence, as well as reckless use, of the farm, and their belongings, the owners reserve the right to terminate the contract of Transfer at any time, the visitors must leave the estate immediately.

The consumption of water, electricity and heating are included in the total price of the stay and, therefore, the use of appliances that alter the anticipated consumption of such supplies is not permitted, since the farm is isolated from the supplies of Electricity (we only use solar panels) water and sewage an alteration of such supplies could end in the absence of any of them, exempting the property from liability if no responsible use is made.

We ask you to take care of the consumption of electricity, water and heating, close doors and windows, especially when leaving, just as they would do at home.

Pets are accepted, always agree with the owner. In case of admission, the client will be responsible for any incident, accident or malfunction that may occur during the stay and in turn would have to sign an express document for acceptance..

The introduction of furniture, sound equipment and similar in the house as well as changes in the situation of furniture and the performance of any kind of work are not permitted.

It is not permissible to use the house or its environment for any type of activity other than the agreed. For reasons of the location of the farm, it is totally forbidden the use of all kinds of PIROTECNICO MATERIAL. It is also totally forbidden to make fire, even ULTILIZAR barbecues in the periods that marks the law that is usually from 30 May to 30 September (but these dates the environment marks each campaign according to weather conditions) and also They may conduct activities or behaviors that are contrary to hygiene or normal coexistence or that threaten public order.

The owner shall not be liable for any kind of personal and/or value object, or any vehicle owned by the client that may be found in the house during the contracted stay, or for loss, disappearance or theft.

Acceptance of conditions

The payment of the reservation implies full acceptance by the occupants of all the conditions herein reflected.

This space is managed by "The Cultural Association Los pajares de Navahermosa" non-profit organization, with the exclusive purpose of promoting activities in nature from respect to it.