A few days ago the so-called “Mirador del Sol” was officially inaugurated in the municipality of Los Navalmorales, just twenty minutes by car from the Finca los Pájaros Rural House, from which you can see an extraordinary view of the Montes de Toledo and the Sierra de Gredos, as well as the town of Los Navalmorales itself.

It is located in what is known as “Sierra del Santo”, in front of the hermitage of San Sebastián, and it is an enclosure bounded by a wooden fence, and in which different descriptive panels of the views and the position of the different points of interest. In addition, the points of sunrise and sunset are also indicated at the solstices and equinoxes.

We can also orient ourselves thanks to a compass rose that indicates the cardinal points, and a curious sundial.

We will also have a panoramic telescope, and informational elements about the fauna and flora of the environment.
It is planned that in the future two more viewpoints will be created, which will be the Moon, and the Stars, in order to take advantage of the potential offered by the populations of this privileged environment.
It is a project promoted by the Navalmorales City Council with the help of ERDF funds through the “Montes de Toledo” Rural Development Group.