Daytime Shows

Finca los Pájaros - Casa Rural cerca de Puy du Fou

In the immense venue that Puy du Fou España occupies in the Montes de Toledo, different daytime shows take place that revolve around the history of Spain and its great protagonists.

The Visigoth king Recaredo, Abderramán III, El Cid, Christopher Columbus, Isabel la Católica, or Lope de Vega, are just an example of some of the main historical figures that have a place in the shows.

Pen and Sword

Toledo, 1592.

Cloak and sword adventure in the middle of the Golden Age.

The Gran Corral de Comedias shows off its best clothes. Don Fernán Gómez, mayor of Toledo, debuts as a playwright with his play Fuenteovejuna Nobody in the city wants to miss it. The laughter seems guaranteed, we will just have to see who laughs last.

Lope de Vega cannot allow such fraud. He will make it known that in Toledo those who fight tooth and nail are honored.

The visitor will be dazzled by the great adventure of this spirited swordsman and legendary author as well as by the monumental choreographies of the Andalusian horses and Toledo dancers.

The Last Song

For Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, honor is his life, and his life is his sword.

All for honor They are more than words for the young Rodrigo He will forge his legend in a fragmented Castilla without ever forgetting his knightly vows History may forget his deeds, but as long as his Last Song is heard in a single square, his legend will remain alive forever.

In an unusual theater never seen before in our country, the visitor will experience great emotions as they follow the spectacular feats of a great legendary figure.

Kings Falconry

Year 939, Middle Brand.

Falcons, serpentarians and cranes of the caliphate compete with owls, eagles and Castilian kites.

The troops of the Caliphate of Córdoba have fallen in Simancas. Exhausted by the fray, Abderramán and Fernán González agree to a truce. There is no longer a fight on earth, but that does not prevent us from measuring forces in the skies. The weapons now give way to the most majestic birds in the world. north and south in a peaceful gesture.

An unprecedented aerial exhibition, which will allow you to feel, just a few meters away, majestic birds that will spread their imposing wings and transmit to the visitor a love for nature and the desire to fly.

Beyond the ocean sea

1492, the Journey.

The ship Santa María hopes to reach the East through the West.

Granada is now Christian and Christopher Columbus’s last interview with Queen Isabel takes an unexpected turn Castilla will pay for the adventurous expedition The caravel Santa María waits docked in the port of Palos The mission is to unite east by west Cathay and Zipango await A New World by discover.

Through this immersive show the visitor will share the hopes and anguish of an epic crew until they can shout: “EARTH!” .

The Mystery of Sorbaces

In 1858 Francisco Morales, a resident of Guadamur, discovered a few meters from here the most important treasure of the Visigoth kings known to date buried in the lands of the Guarrazar orchard.

All the attributes of his sovereignty were carefully arranged there, mute witnesses to faded glories. Crowns of superb wealth, made of fine gold and set with pearls and sapphires, lay here, among the barely visible remains of a royal basilica Santa María de Sorbaces.

The crowns were sold and are now kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid and the Cluny in Paris. But the mystery remained intact, and unleashed the passions of the scientific community. Why crowns with such a shape? Why a royal sanctuary here?

According to stories from father to son, a great miracle was wrought in these lands…

Like father…

… Such a splinter Memories of eighty generations of Julián Gutiérrez.

What wood is an authentic Julián Gutiérrez made of? Do not hesitate, delve into the history of this family shouting “de tal palo” and you will be able to contemplate some of its marvelous splinters sleeping among the mists of time.

From the defense of Numancia to the sacred cave of Covadonga, and from Las Navas de Tolosa to the surrender of Granada, without forgetting the horrors of the War of Independence. All the Julián Gutiérrez that Spain has given are waiting to show his legacy and prevent it from being forgotten.

The Captain’s Still Life

Eating with a captain of the Old Tercios brings many surprises.

Welcome to a hero’s establishment.

Between 1584 and 1585, Alexander Farnese completed one of the best campaigns of the War of Flanders. Everything was thanks to the work of a heroic captain, who even at the risk of his life managed to break the siege. His name was Juan de Antwerp, and his fame spread. borders until, after being badly wounded in combat, he decided to return to his homeland.

This is what he tells his diners, as he has opened a restaurant in Villanueva del Corral, a mandatory stop for all veterans returning from Flanders. At a martial pace, he teaches his waiters how authentic veterans spend their time. Now he is looking for a new conquest, Ana’ La Galveña whom he intends to seduce with his fame and an unexpected proposal banquet.

Nothing can usurp true love but he is not a captain who claims to be.