The Theme park Puy du Fou, chosen twice as “Best Park in the World”, begins its journey in Toledo on August 30, 2019 with the show “The Dream of Toledo”, which will cover 1500 years of the history of Spain, from the Visigothic reign until the arrival of the fer rock.

This 70-minute show will feature 185 riders and actors, and will have spectacular image and sound effects, for the 4000 spectators who will be able to enjoy this impressive performance.

But that will be only the beginning, because from 2021 the Park will increase its activity with four daily shows, three indoors and one outdoor, making several representations of each of them for between 2000 and 4000 spectators.

In addition, 3 historic villages will be recreated:

  • A medieval Castilian village of 3500 m2 with restaurants and different traditional shops.
  • An Arab camp.
  • A village of artisans.
Puy du Fou Toledo

If you want to come and enjoy the show of this new theme park, with family or a group of friends, Casa Rural Finca los Pájaros is an excellent accommodation option, since we are relatively close, and you can also spend a few days in the middle of nature in a accommodation that offers you all the comforts in a wonderful environment.