The Iberian Newt is a small amphibian with a tail, whose length varies between 6.7 cm. of small males, up to 10 cm. of the larger females.

With a long head, rounded nose, small and prominent eyes, with a golden iris flanked by a black band on both sides of the pupil. Its legs are small and not very robust in appearance, without webs between its fingers.

The tail is longer than the size of the head and body. Males have a grayish back with a yellowish background, being darker in females, showing small scattered black spots in both cases. Curiously, this back turns brown in mating season. The ventral area is orange, reddish, or yellowish, and can be of a very vivid color.

It lives in small masses of cold water, preferably without vegetation, such as streams, ponds, reservoirs, streams… etc, hiding under stones. Among other areas of the Iberian Peninsula we can find them in the Montes de Toledo


Tritón Ibérico en los Montes de Toledo