Very close to the Rural house “Los birds”, in the heart of the mountains of Toledo, is the town of Hontanar, one of the favorite destinations of tourists who come to this area in search of tranquility. Being surrounded by high mountains you can see beautiful landscapes from some of its nearby peaks, such as the Corral de Cantos, the telerook or Pico de milliner, and the Risco de las Parados.

Strolling around you can enjoy a beautiful native flora that endows the landscape with different and beautiful shades, thanks to the luxuriance of its oaks, Cork oaks, Holm oaks, Heather, yew, holly, madroños, olive trees, almond trees … etc. And you can also enjoy the aroma of its environment thanks to aromatic plants such as thyme, Jara, oregano, rosemary …

From time to time we will also hear the murmur of the water by the passage of the rivers Cedea, Esten, Majadillas and Torcón, as well as their different streams.

All this makes Hontanar a perfect place to enjoy peaceful walks on multiple routes, make mountain bike routes, enjoy unbeatable views, and get close to any of the restaurants in the area to enjoy the rich Manchego gastronomy with the best products in the area.

Without forgetting, of course, a cultural visit to the archaeological site of Malamoneda of which we already spoke in another entrance, and deserves special mention.

Finca en Hontanar