Star Tourism in the Montes de Toledo

Every day it is more complicated to see the sky from a place where there is no light pollution, and contemplate the stars in all their splendor. That is why there are establishments that have decided to bet heavily on offering accommodation in places where there is hardly any contamination, and at night it is easy and exciting to discover the starry sky.

Such is the case of the Rural House Finca los Pájaros, where we have taken into account this aspect, and all the details to enjoy the view of the stars and the sky without any impediment.

We are located in a place where there is no type of light pollution, and also, when it comes to lighting the house and its exterior area, we have done it taking care of this detail so that it does not interfere in the celestial observation.

It is a magnificent place for excursions or activities related to the observation of the night sky.