Amphibian measuring between 12 and 23 cmts. and that results from an astonishing showthates thanks to its black and yellow coloration, although there are in some specimens where the yellow color is practically imperceptible.

Its eyes are large and bulging, and its legs short and strong as well as its tail. This species can live up to 20 years, although there have been cases of specimens in captivity that have managed to reach up to 50.

It is a forest species, which prefers the proximity of watercourses, always shying away from dry land, always taking advantage of the leaf litter to hide between it.

It is of mainly nocturnal customs, and its method of defense against its predators is the production of a whitish liquid that can produce an annoying irritation.

Some species of Salamandra is typical of the Montes de Toledo.

Salamandra Montes de Toledo