It is no coincidence that we have chosen the name “The birds” for the farm. The privileged location in which it is located makes it an ideal platform to be able to see all kinds of birds so characteristic of the Montes de Toledo.

Among the most notable are the Imperial eagle, the Royal Owl, the Peregrine falcon, the kestrel, the Griffon Vulture, the Hoopoe, the Royal Heron, the Woodpecker, the nightjars, or the black stork among others. But also frequent in the area species such as the eater, the Snipe, the Anade real, different varieties of eagles, and a myriad more species that can be easily seen with just elevating a little look.

It will not even be necessary to leave the house of the farm the birds to be able to see or to photograph this wide variety of birds. and is that the tranquility of the environment, and the excellent vantage that offer the different terraces and viewpoints of the house are perfect places to be able to contemplate all these birds to just a few meters.

No doubt a privileged place for lovers of ornithology and birdwatching. In addition, we offer the possibility to all those who wish to start in the digiscoping, and thus be able to make incredible photographs of the fauna of the area.

Ornitología en los Montes de Toledo