In the mountains of Toledo, specifically in the municipality of Navahermosa, is the place known as the sickle of coals, so called to be used in the past by the charcoal plant of the area for the elaboration of the vegetal carbon.

It passes through a valley delimited by the streams Trevejiles and moaning, that in its passage they form beautiful waterfalls that make this place in a beautiful site worthy to visit.

These waterfalls of crystalline waters can be enjoyed with greater tranquility than others of the same park of cabana, and is that it is a place less known than others, and not less beautiful, and with a quiet find.

The start of this route is at the exit of Navahermosa, and its route does not offer too much difficulty. We also have the advantage that we can decide several itineraries to travel, from only 5-6 kilometers, until almost thirty, depending on the preparation and desire we have.

Throughout the tour we will enjoy the aforementioned waterfalls, an unusual tranquility, and the fauna and flora typical of the area, where native species predominate such as Jara, thyme, lavender …

Another reason to get closer to the Rural house the birds, and enjoy the nature.

La hoz de Carboneros - Finca Los Pájaros