Finca en los Montes de Toledo

The Finca los Birds is located within the Montes de Toledo, and only a few minutes from the cabana. This privileged situation is ideal to be able to enjoy the flora and fauna so characteristic of this area.

The predominant vegetation of the Montes de Toledo is the Holm oaks, the Cork oaks and the Rodeno pine. There are also certain areas where willows, poplars and chestnut trees abound. As for shrubs, the most abundant are of fragrant type, such as Jara, lavender, thyme, and rosemary. Species all of which you will find in the surroundings of the rural house.

The typical fauna of this area is made up of small and medium mammals, such as the Vole, the Dormouse, the wildcat, and of course the Iberian lynx, in danger of extinction. Other species of the hunt are also abundant, such as deer, Roebuck and wild boar.

But certainly what you can best observe from the privileged enclave of the rural house is the indigenous population of birds. Among them the Imperial eagle, the Griffon vulture, the Peregrine falcon, the kestrel … You will see them flying at a very short distance, and enjoy of this natural spectacle.