Molino de Gálvez

Gálvez’s Water Mill

Museo Etnográfico de Menasalbas

Ethnographic Museum of Menasalbas

Boquerón de Estena

Navas de Estena

El Arroyo y el Embalse del Torcón

El arroyo and el reservoir del torcon

Very close to the Finca Los Birds we will be able to visit the Torcón Reservoir, which is located between the towns of Navahermosa and Menasalbas, occupying an area of approximately fifteen hectares, and which is the main water supplier of Toledo and nearby municipalities. .

Torcón River

This reservoir has a maximum depth of fifteen meters, and is ideal for practicing activities such as hiking or mountain biking. In its surroundings we can see with some ease multitude of animals that come to drink of its waters, like wild boars, roe deer, and other small mammals.

It is also a very popular place for fishing enthusiasts, as fish of very different species can be caught in its waters.

Finca Montes de Toledo Entorno

Risco de las Paradas

The Risco de las Paradas probably comes this curious name because it rises from a place where you can stop on the way to replenish strength, and contemplate the fabulous scenery that is presented in front of us.

We reached El via the road CM-4157, on the way to Navas de Estea, and is a viewpoint that allows us to have an incredible panoramic view of the National Park of Cabanars.

Finca Montes de Toledo surroundings

It is very close to the Finca Los Aves, and although there we can also do, this viewpoint is a perfect place to observe more closely the birds of prey in the area. And at the time of the correct year we will also hear the bellowing of the deer. It would not be surprising to be able to see native animals like wild boars, foxes, rabbits and roe deer, which roam the area thanks to the tranquility that exists there.