San Pablo de los Montes is located about 50 Kmts. From the Finca Los Birds, also inside the Montes de Toledo, and presents the appearance of a typical mountain village surrounded by a beautiful natural environment in the Chestnut mountain range, between the Tagus and Guadiana basins.

But today we are going to talk about their famous “snow well” located on the outskirts, and that is built with blocks of granite joined by lime Mortar. Currently it has 12 meters in diameter by 10 depth, although possibly in its origin is greater. Its purpose was to store ice and snow that would be used for food preservation, and other uses. And possibly have a direct communication with the nearby convent of the Augustinian Fathers, which is only 200 meters, through a tunnel that also served as a defensive system.

To visit it we will be able to arrange an appointment in the telephone of Ayuntamiento of San Pablo of the Montes: 925 41 51 81.

ozo de Nieve de San Pablo de los Montes